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Pre-Heresy Legion

Pre Heresy Colour SchemePre Heresy Symbol Before the Horus Heresy the marines of the Thousand Sons wore crimson red armour with gold trim. A notable exception to this were the marines of the 1st company who had a white or grey trim.

In homage to their homeworld traditions many marines wore loin cloths decoarted with their Legion's symbol, a burning star.

The legion had an unusually large amount of psykers, typical considering the genetic abnormalities of their Primarch, Magnus. These psykers would lead their battle brothers as their sergeants and captains, gaining valuable combat and leadership experience.

Although the legion fought and achieved victories like other Space Marines, the Thousand Sons won as many victories through trickery and guile. This often led to disagreements between them and the other legions, some of whom refused to fight alongside the Thousand Sons.

Post-Heresy Legion

Post Heresy Colour SchemePost Heresy Symbol After the Rubric of Ahriman there became 2 types of Thousand Sons:

  • Those marine who possessed psychic powers had their powers enhanced and became Sorcerors of Tzeentch.
  • The marines who did not have psychic powers were turned into dust, their armour sealed shut for eternity, trapping their souls inside. These marines became known as Rubric Marines and were mindless automatons following the will and plans of their sorcerous brethren.

The Thousand Sons' armour has become predominanatly blue with yellow or gold trims in deference to their new master, Tzeentch. Ornate headgear became common-place on all rubric marines. Thousand Sons Sorcerors will often lead squads of their rubric marines in battle, taking on the role of squad leader or captain, directing the Thousand Sons to whatever goal is required.

Thousand Sons Variants