Like his brother gods, Tzeentch grew from a single survivalist emotion: in his case, the emotion was change. Tzeentch is the Chaos god of change, sorcery, Machiavellian scheming and subtle manipulation; his nicknames thus include the Changer of Ways, the Grand Schemer, and the Lord of Sorcery. As a being representing change, he has no single form, but in Warhammer Fantasy he is described normally appearing as a cloud of light which constantly changes color.

Where Tzeentch represents, change, optimism, evolution and manipulation, his antithesis Nurgle is a god of despair, stagnation, pessimism, fear and destruction, opposing all that Tzeentch seeks to build. This relationship has an effect on the nature of the armies that follow Tzeentch, in both game settings. The Chaos god Khorne also has a deep distrust of Tzeentch, due to the heavy use of psyker's and sorcerers. However, Tzeentch's description in Warhammer 40,000: Codex Chaos Space Marines (Chambers et al, 2002) states that it is he who wields the most influence over his brethren. When the armies of Chaos march together for war, it is usually Tzeentch who instigates these brief alliances, for whatever unfathomable goal he happens to have planned.

Cult of Tzeentch

Mortal followers of Tzeentch all have the common trait that they try to increase their knowledge and power by searching for dark and forbidden knowledge or by intricate plots and schemes. Although many who choose the path of Tzeentch are manipulators of magic, not all are so. Freedom fighters, revolutionaries, politicians, crime lords and other such "subtle manipulators" all walk the path of Tzeentch. The most dangerous thing about Tzeentch is that though your motives are pure, any divulsion into knowledge or change is a silent affirmation to the god. One does not have to openly speak devotion to be swept into Tzeentch's fold, in fact many that want nothing to do with Tzeentch are all part of his great plan in some form.

In Warhammer 40,000, the followers of Tzeentch consist of a multitude of secretive cults and the Chaos Space Marines of the Thousand Sons legion. Together with their Primarch, Magnus the Red, the legionnaires devoted themselves to forbidden lore and ancient magics to better understand them, and to use them to further the realm of the Emperor. During the time of the Horus Heresy they eventually swore allegiance to Tzeentch after being attacked by the Space Wolves as retaliation for their dark practices. Although they were now the chosen of Tzeentch, the Thousand Sons had serious problems with their god's tendency to cause them to mutate, wreaking havoc in their ranks. A powerful sorcerer named Ahriman, with the aid of his fellow sorcerers (and, as it would later be revealed, with the blessing of Tzeentch himself), then cast a powerful spell called the "Rubric of Ahriman" which had a drastic effect upon his fellow Thousand Sons- those who were sorcerers found their sorcerous abilities enhanced, while those who were not sorcerers were turned into animated suits of armor, forever trapping the souls of the Chaos Marines who wore them. Those that were trapped were forever turned into mindless automatons destined to follow their sorcerous champions. Tzeentch's sacred number is nine; as such, his Thousand Sons followers frequently take to the battlefield in squad made up of multiples of nine. Thousand Sons Chaos Marines wear dark blue, gold and yellow on their armor. Intersetingly enough, if you take ANY number and multiply it by nine, the answer can always be added up to equal nine again. Thus, Tzeentch is already here.

The following is a list of Tzeentch's daemons, with a brief in-universe description. Tzeentch's daemons tend to be bird-like in nature, or mutated to the point of unrecognizability.

  • Horrors are the most prolific daemon, an ever-shifting mass of flesh, limbs, and flame-spewing orifices. In both settings, Horrors are capable of unleashing magical powers upon their foes, although the nature of these attacks varies between settings. The only constant physical feature on horrors are the huge gaping maws which horrors spits their sorcerous flames.
  • Flamers are slightly more powerful, with numerous gaping maws that produce the searing flames which give these daemons their unsubtle name. They frequently fight alongside Horrors; like Horrors, they are able to unleash magical blasts of energy upon their foes. Their physical appearance does not vary as violently as horrors, often manifesting as a creature resembling a blue or red upturned mushroom.
  • Screamers are flying creatures which resemble rays. In battle they swoop down on foes and cut them apart with their sharp tusks; they also attack foes by emitting ear piercing screams and move away.
  • Lords of Change are the most powerful daemon of Tzeentch, typically a large bird-like winged daemon of vast intellect and massive sorcerous power. They are described as large winged bipedal creatures with snake-like necks and avian heads, although being Tzeentchian daemons their form alters drastically. The creatures often are multi-colored, especially their wings.
  • Discs of Tzeentch are disc-like melds of magic, metal, and daemon, and are often used as transports for mortal champions. They are capable of lashing out upon nearby foes utilizing short ranged lightning blasts or magically manifesting tentacles for attacking. Supposidely these are larger and stronger versions of Screamers.
  • Firewyrms of Tzeentch are Tzeentch's spawns of chaos, constantly rippling and shifting with the power of change they are the most bizarre of all. Their skin blisters into eyes and maws open on distended limbs, flames lick from screaming orifices and gout out in blasts of purple, red and blue, incinerating those close by.